Snow Throwers

Whatever winter brings your way, throw it back with an X Series Snow Thrower. This powerful line of snow throwers has been built to quickly and easily clear extreme snow conditions with incredible control, maneuverability and strength. With the award-winning 1X and 2X models and the first-of-its kind 3X three-stage power, you’ll be sure to find the exact level of snow removal power you need with the strength and quality you demand.

Cub Cadet two stage icon

XS2 Series

If you need to clear larger spaces, a Cub Cadet 2X two-stage power snow thrower is the right choice. The self-propelled 2X can tackle winter weather on any surface and features a steel auger that collects snow in the first stage and launches snow out of the chute to complete the second stage. The 2X series offers a full array of clearing width options to battle Old Man Winter.

XS2 Series Products

Cub Cadet three stage icon

XS3 Series

The 3X three-stage power is the flagship of the Cub Cadet snow thrower line. It clears deep snowfall up to 50 % faster than a traditional Cub Cadet 2X two-stage snow thrower and allows you to easily and quickly remove 18 inches of snow at a comfortable pace. It will even clear the wall of winter that the snowplow makes at the end of your driveway.

XS3 Series Products