Robotic Mowers

The XR5 has been developed to cut your lawn with such precision that your neighbour will think you have cut your lawn yourself. The high quality steel blades cut your grass for maximum health and thickness so you get a luscious lawn with the time back to actually enjoy it.

Control via your smartphone

Thanks to the app, the robotic mowers of the XR ENDURO SERIES can be conveniently and safely controlled and programmed via smartphone.
Our latest upgrade to BLE 5.0 now also enables faster data transfer and a greater outdoor range of up to 10 m.
Simply download the app, install it on your smartphone and you're good to go.

Screenshot of a phone with the mower's control to schedule tasks.

Set a weekly mowing schedule and manually control your mower.

Screenshot of a phone with the mower's task history.

View mowing history and the remaining mowing time.

Screenshot of a phone with the mower's control to track the tool.

Trace your mower in case of theft and receive operational alerts.



*Max. mowing area under ideal mowing conditions: flat level lawn, simple rectangular shape, no obstacles, no additional zones, and modest lawn growing pace.

The Right Thing for Every Lawn

No garden is like the other. Either the lawn is in one piece, subdivided, or there are additional zones to mow that are separate from the main area. The Cub Cadet XR ENDURO SERIES models easily accommodate all of these turf types.

Example of a lawn with one main zone
Only main zone
Example of a lawn with one main and sub zone
Main zone and sub zone
Example of a lawn with one main and one separate zone
Main zone and separate zone

Easy to Install and Program

Option 1 - Don't want to install your Cub Cadet robotic lawnmower yourself? Then find the Cub Cadet professional installation service in your area to take care of the installation.

Option 2 - The Cub Cadet XR Series is easy to install yourself.